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Rare Cancer Day is an international day of awareness spearheaded by the NORD Rare Cancer Coalition®. Held on September 30th each year, Rare Cancer Day shines a light on the rare cancer community and the unique challenges faced by rare cancer patients, caregivers, families, and researchers.

The NORD Rare Cancer Coalition is comprised of more than 30 rare cancer-focused advocacy organizations and was co-founded by TargetCancer Foundation’s CEO Jim Palma to build a unified voice around rare cancer advocacy. Jim remains Co-Chair of the Coalition, and TargetCancer Foundation is proud to be a founding member.

NORD Rare Cancer Coalition - September 30 is #RareCancerDay

Rare Cancer Day Checklist

Explore the activities below for ideas to get involved in Rare Cancer Day.

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Listen and Learn

Learn about TCF-001 TRACK, TCF’s patient-driven precision medicine clinical trial focused on all rare cancers.

Watch TargetCancer Foundation’s first webinar from the 2023 Lunch & Learn series, “It’s All in the Genes: The Differing Roles of Genomic and Genetic Testing in Precision Medicine”, held in June 2023. During this informative and engaging hour, Dr. Julia Elvin and Catherine Skefos, experts in the field of genomic and genetic testing, discussed these critical tools and the role they play in treating rare cancers.

Listen to the June 2023 Cancer Buzz podcast Leveraging Technology to Streamline Biomarker Testing featuring TCF CEO Jim Palma.

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Make a donation to support TargetCancer Foundation and the work we do in support of rare cancer research and patients.

Share our Rare Cancer Day infographics with your networks, tagging @TargetCancer and using the hashtag #RareCancerDay.

Provide our information sheet about TCF-001 TRACK to friends and family impacted by rare cancer.

Watch our Lunch and Learn webinars and sign up to receive information about future TCF Lunch & Learn webinars.

Follow us, like, and share our posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Visit Cloztalk to buy TCF swag to start conversations about our work and help raise awareness.

Thank you for joining TargetCancer Foundation in raising awareness and funds to support the rare cancer community.