Does TargetCancer Foundation focus on certain rare cancers?

TargetCancer Foundation tackles common challenges shared across all rare cancers.

How can I support the work of TargetCancer Foundation?

What is TRACK?

TCF-001 TRACK is a fully remote clinical trial enrolling 400 patients with rare cancers or cancer of unknown primary. TRACK provides participating rare cancer patients and their physicians with personalized, actionable genomic information to potentially inform treatment, as well as recommendations for treatments (including clinical trials) from an expert panel of rare cancer clinicians and scientists. Simultaneously, TRACK generates critical genomic data to drive a better understanding of often overlooked rare cancers.

How can I participate in TRACK?

Contact us to learn more about the TRACK study. Potential participants will be asked to provide initial information, have an introductory phone call with TargetCancer Foundation study staff to discuss TRACK and confirm eligibility, and then have the option to fully consent to the study via an online remote consent process. Through this process, patients can fully consent and enroll in the TRACK study from their homes without traveling to a clinical trial site.

How can I volunteer for TargetCancer Foundation?

TargetCancer Foundation has a dedicated community of volunteers who contribute to our work in many different ways—including volunteering at events, planning fundraisers, sharing personal and professional expertise (in areas such as marketing, technology, and science), writing for our blog and other communications channels, and so much more. We welcome patients, caregivers, families, friends, advocates and supporters to become involved and to bring your ideas and enthusiasm to help make a difference for rare cancer researchers and patients. Learn more about our various volunteer opportunities here.

How can I start a community fundraiser to benefit TargetCancer Foundation?

A community fundraiser can be any type of event you imagine, from a small gathering at your home to a community walk to a golf tournament. You come up with the idea and we’ll be there to support you along the way. Contact us to get started.

How can I apply to join Team TargetCancer Foundation for the Boston Marathon?

Applications for the team traditionally open in September. Please check here if you are interested in applying.

How can my organization partner with TargetCancer Foundation?

TargetCancer Foundation’s success depends on collaborations with dedicated organizations with diverse missions and perspectives. We are proud to partner across sectors—with advocates, industry, service organizations, and other nonprofits – to advance our shared goals of more effective and personalized treatments for people with rare cancers. Contact us to learn more about specific partnership opportunities.

Does TargetCancer Foundation offer rare cancer research grants?

Presently, TargetCancer Foundation is not accepting proposals for research grants.

What happens at TargetCancer Foundation’s Think Tank meetings?

TargetCancer Foundation Think Tanks unite an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, scientists, industry, advocacy, government and patients in a unique format to promote collaboration, information sharing, and idea generation focused on various topics. Learn more »

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