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A National Precision Genomics Clinical Trial for Rare Cancers

Developed and launched by TargetCancer Foundation, TCF-001 TRACK is a fully remote clinical trial enrolling 400 patients with rare cancers or cancers of unknown primary.

Enrolled patients and their physicians receive biomarker (genomic) testing of both tissue and blood as well as interpretation and treatment recommendations from an expert panel of rare cancer clinicians and scientists. Simultaneously, TRACK generates critical genomic data to drive a better understanding of often overlooked rare cancers.

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TRACK - Target Rare Cancer Knowledge

Decentralized, Fully-Remote Consenting Process

Through a remote consenting process, patients can enroll in the TRACK study from their homes, without traveling to a clinical trial site.

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TCF-001 TRACK Rare Cancer Day Webinar

A discussion on precision medicine in rare cancers

TRACK — which stands for Target Rare Cancer Knowledge — was developed completely in response to what we hear from patients and doctors every day. There are many challenges and difficulties that people are facing that are very consistent no matter the type of rare cancer. So we tried to take those experiences and craft a study that simultaneously impacts the patient experience while driving research forward.

Jim Palma

CEO, TargetCancer Foundation

Virtual Molecular Tumor Board (VMTB)

Virtual Molecular Tumor Board Zoom Call

Virtual Molecular Tumor Board

The TRACK VMTB unites a brain trust of medical oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, genetic counselors, and others who specialize in rare cancers and are experts in interpreting the biomarker testing reports that a TRACK patient receives.

The group meets weekly and reviews each patient’s case for an in-depth discussion of their medical history and individual biomarker testing reports to offer personalized treatment recommendations for difficult-to-treat cancers.

Access to the VMTB allows patients anywhere in the country to have experienced physicians and experts in rare tumors review their case, which is especially important for patients treated outside of major academic centers, who may not have access to specialists in their rare cancer.

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