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Thank you to our donors and community members for supporting TargetCancer Foundation. Over the past 15 years, your generosity and goodwill have helped us drive impactful research and education efforts that improve the lives and outcomes of people with rare cancers.

Key Milestones

TCF founded by Paul Poth after his cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis

To drive more effective and personalized treatments for rare cancers, beginning with an initial grant from Paul to the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Molecular Therapeutics.

Hosted first TCF Gala in Boston

Uniting hundreds of patients, caregivers, doctors, researchers, and advocacy partners to raise awareness and funds for rare cancer research and patient support.

Issued first cholangiocarcinoma research grant

To the Bardeesy Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, aimed at generating the basic research tools needed to understand drivers and expand treatment options for this rare cancer.

Established the TCF Cholangiocarcinoma Cell Line Bank

At Massachusetts General Hospital, leading to a first-of-its-kind cholangiocarcinoma cell line collection which was completed in 2019 and later moved into the public domain. We also hosted the first Cholangiocarcinoma Think Tank meeting this year, laying the groundwork for our long-running Think Tank program and setting the tone for future convenings.

Initiated esophageal cancer research efforts

Through a research grant to the Bass lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute aimed at improving understanding and treatment for this under-resourced, fast-growing rare cancer.

Expanded esophageal cancer research efforts to include immunotherapy

Beginning a multi-year investment in research funding, which has since yielded the identification of immunotherapeutic targets and led to a clinical trial testing an existing immunotherapy against esophageal cancer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Held first Think Tank on Advancing Gastroesophageal Cancer Research

A unique, two-day meeting that brings together top clinicians and researchers to address common challenges facing people affected by gastroesophageal cancers, driving the creation of new research priorities and scientific collaborations.

Hosted local Moonshot Summit, informing national cancer efforts

In conjunction with (then) Vice President Biden’s National White House Cancer Moonshot Summit, TCF hosted local rare cancer patients, advocates, researchers, and drug developers to discuss their unique challenges, directly informing the White House’s efforts.

TCF CEO Jim Palma co-founded NORD’s Rare Cancer Coalition

Together with other rare cancer advocates under the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Membership umbrella. This coalition shines a light on individuals living with rare cancers and explores shared solutions.

Delivered first grant through Evan Schumacher Fund for Rare Cancer Research

Which has since sponsored multiple, targeted research grants leading to a cross-institution cholangiocarcinoma research collaboration.

Fundraising through TCF’s Boston Marathon® teams surpasses $200,000

Since 2015, runners participating in the Boston Marathon through Team TCF raise awareness and funds for TCF’s rare cancer research and patient support efforts.

Launched TCF-001 TRACK Clinical Trial

A cutting-edge precision oncology trial enrolling 400 patients with rare cancers and cancer of unknown primary using a remote consenting process, and providing biomarker testing and expert treatment recommendations.

Instituted rare cancer educational webinar series

Bringing rare cancer experts together with TCF community members to provide insights and answer questions on a range of rare cancer topics from clinical trial participation to genetic and genomic testing.

Hosted first Think Tank on Advancing Precision Medicine in Rare Cancers

A highly interactive, now-annual meeting that promotes collaboration between clinicians, researchers, industry, patient advocates, patients, and others to address the needs of people living with rare cancers.

Convened first Rare Cancer Industry Roundtable

Uniting leaders in rare cancer and tissue-agnostic drug development to identify opportunities for cross-company collaboration.

Celebrated TCF’s 15th anniversary!

The work continues, and we can’t do it without you!

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