Facebook Fundraisers

Oct 23, 2018 | Events

Did you know that Facebook makes it incredibly easy to engage your community to raise funds for TargetCancer Foundation? You can create a fundraiser to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or for no other reason than to support rare cancer research and patient support!

Rally your community through these few easy steps.

1. Go to www.facebook.com/targetcancer/fundraisers

2. Click the Raise Money button, and then Get Started.

3. Set a fundraising goal, and an end date for your fundraiser. In our experience, 1-2 weeks is an ideal timeframe.

4. Name your event.

5. Describe why you’re raising money. Here is some sample language, but please be sure to personalize!

Please help me support TargetCancer Foundation’s work to make a difference in the rare cancer community through a donation to my fundraiser [in honor of [your event/connection to TargetCancer Foundation]. Over the past nine years, TargetCancer Foundation has been at the forefront of driving research in rare cancers such as cholangiocarcinoma and esophageal cancer, and is now also working to empower current patients through a range of patient-focused initiatives. [Add personal note!]

6. Choose a photo. You can use the TargetCancer Foundation logo, or choose a photo of your own.

That’s it! After that you can share your fundraiser, and we’ll be sure to do the same.