Nov 7, 2017 | Events

Leading up to the 8th Annual TargetCancer Foundation Gala, we will be sharing stories and perspectives on the gala from many of the people who make up the TargetCancer Foundation community. 

In this post, Emily talks about using her “Forage and Farm on Martha’s Vineyard” item that she won in the 2016 gala auction. We are grateful to Emily and award winning chef and generous donor Chris Fischer for so generously supporting TargetCancer Foundation! 

As one of the lucky winners of this amazing auction item at the TargetCancer Foundation Gala, I had a stunning weekend on Martha’s Vineyard with three friends at the end of October

We stayed at a cottage in Chilmark, which was charming, comfortable, close to the beach and yet hidden away in the woods along a dirt road. We met Chris, the chef, at a farmer’s market on Saturday where we discussed how to plan the day. He was kind and eager to show us the hidden secrets of the island. We followed him around in his truck as he first took us to eat lobster and other fresh seafood in Menemsha, overlooking the fishing boats, wind blowing hair, sun beaming down on the glistening water. He had brought some wine for us to enjoy too.

IMG 2274

After lunch we saw many different family owned farms where we picked raspberries, mushrooms, fennel, and other vegetables for the evening’s dinner. Chris was easy going and wanted to make sure we all were pleased with the dinner we would be cooking, he taking everyone’s culinary desires into consideration. His enthusiasm for showing us the land, and wealth of knowledge about aspects of the agricultural life on the farms was a bonus I had not expected.

In between the farms, Chris took us to a path in the woods that led to a gorgeous beach, a well-kept secret. That evening Chris included us in cooking dinner, but was also happy to let us drink wine and eat cheese and appetizers of sautéed mushrooms on toast. For dinner we had seafood pasta with clams and lobster along with a delicious steak, roasted potatoes and broccoli. The dessert was a raspberry chocolate tart. Flavors popped and lingered in our mouths, subtle herbs tied the dishes together, better than any high-end restaurant for sure!

It was a delightful experience that I will always remember as something very unique!