2019 Cholangiocarcinoma Research Grant Announcement

Dec 16, 2019 | News, Research & Innovation

TargetCancer Foundation is proud to announce a new two-year, $240,000 grant to the Bardeesy Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center brings our overall investment in cholangiocarcinoma research to over $1 million since 2011. 

This new grant brings TargetCancer Foundation’s founding efforts full circle. Since 2011, we have supported the creation of a cholangiocarcinoma cell line and research model collection which is now the largest of its kind. Our new funding will help push this collection into the public domain so that these tools can be fully utilized by the cholangiocarcinoma research and drug development communities.

We are truly proud to be a catalyst in the development of this collection, and are excited and hopeful about the possibilities ahead as it becomes a widely available public resource.

Click here to read a blog post written by Dr. Nabeel Bardeesy about this grant.

Bringing our founding goals into reality.
A founding goal of TargetCancer Foundation was to alleviate a very specific challenge: Create research models like cell lines which were easily available for common cancers, but almost completely lacking in cholangiocarcinoma. Our early support helped to develop an infrastructure at MGH uniting surgeons, pathologists and researchers to ensure that surgical samples would be used to generate cell lines.

Learn more about TargetCancer Foundation’s cholangiocarcinoma research efforts.

In the years since, a definitive collection of these models has been established, and is now playing a key role in understanding genomic drivers of cholangiocarcinoma such as IDH and FGFR. Simultaneously, these tools are directly informing the development of clinical trials and new treatments being used by patients today.

This work has only been possible through the ongoing, dedicated support of our community, and continued support will allow us to carry this work forward in the future.