Renewed Commitment. New Hope.

Mar 3, 2015 | News, Research & Innovation

In 2009, TargetCancer Foundation’s first grant of $7,500 was provided to the Center for Molecular Therapeutics at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Today, we are proud to continue our commitment to funding the most innovative rare cancer research as we announce our largest round of grant funding ever- $175,000 in new and impactful grants.


Nabeel Bardeesy, PhD

Nabeel Bardeesy, PhD

$110,000 Supporting Cholangiocarcinoma Research at the Bardeesy Lab.

This grant marks our fifth year of funding for Nabeel Bardeesy’s groundbreaking cholangiocarcinoma research at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. 

While earlier funding focused on the construction of basic research building blocks such as cholangiocarcinoma cell lines and animal models, we are shifting our focus to support the translation of those initial efforts into potential new treatments.

This spring a new cholangiocarcinoma clinical trial, directly informed by our funded research, will offer new hope to patients. We will be providing much more information on this trial as it completes the approval process and opens. 

You can learn more about TargetCancer Foundation’s commitment to the Bardeesy Lab by visiting our cholangiocarcinoma research pages.




Dana Farber Research Lab_Michael Goldberg_Portrait by Mitch Weiss








$65,000 Supporting Collaborative Efforts to Identify Immunotherapies for Esophageal Cancer

In 2014, TargetCancer Foundation initiated a new esophageal cancer research collaboration between Adam Bass, M.D. and Michael Goldberg PhD of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

This effort combined these scientists’ expertise in genomics and immunotherapies in an effort to identify new targets for this deadly disease that is rising in incidence, but has no treatments.

In just one year, their progress has exceeded all expectations, uncovering previously unknown immunotherapeutic targets that have potential to rapidly benefit patients. We are proud to renew our commitment to this innovative project and are looking forward to providing more information in the weeks to come.

You can learn more by visiting our esophageal cancer research pages.


The commitment continues.

We know that this upcoming year holds great promise for our funded research. We’ll be providing steady updates throughout 2015, including new announcements, blog posts written directly by the scientists, and much more. We can’t wait to share this information with you, and we are grateful for your ongoing support.