Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Progress: FDA Approves Tibsovo for Cholangiocarcinoma with IDH1 Mutation

Aug 27, 2021 | Research & Innovation

LOGOS: fda approved, tibsovo, and servier

Just a few days ago, we sent a remembrance of our founder, Paul Poth. It seems especially meaningful today to send along news of a different type- the very positive and exciting news that Tibsovo, a new targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma, was approved by the FDA for patients who have an IDH1 mutation.

In TCF’s earliest days our goal was to carry on Paul’s original mission, and our initial efforts supported cholangiocarcinoma research led by Dr. Nabeel Bardeesy. Many of those projects focused on understanding the role of the IDH1 mutation in cholangiocarcinoma, and helped to inform the development of this new FDA approved treatment. We have eagerly followed the progress of this drug over many years, and are enormously proud to have funded research that played a role in its development and now approval.

This early work carries through directly to today as we have shifted much of our focus to our rare cancer clinical trial, TCF-001 TRACK. Tibsovo is for cholangiocarcinoma patients with an IDH1 mutation, which can only be discovered through genomic testing. Patients enrolled in the TRACK study receive this critical testing, and this new approval gives patients and their physicians another treatment option to choose from.

We congratulate Servier on this important approval and also acknowledge Agios for their pivotal work in the development of this new treatment. Most of all, we are grateful to the many patients who participated in clinical trials which led to this approval and to the scientists, including Dr. Bardeesy, who have dedicated their research to cholangiocarcinoma.

We are so honored and proud to have played a part in this work and grateful to see another approved therapy for patients with cholangiocarcinoma. Thank you all for your support over these past twelve years. We hope you are as proud as we are to see these incredible advances.