TRACK (Target Rare Cancer Knowledge) Virtual Molecular Tumor Board

Apr 27, 2021 | Research & Innovation, Health & Wellness

WP2 TRACK MTB board meeting

The TRACK Study incorporates many features that make it unique and especially significant for rare cancer patients. One of these features is the Virtual Molecular Tumor Board (VMTB). The TRACK VMTB unites a ‘braintrust’ of medical oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, genetic counselors, and others- all who specialize in rare cancers and are experts in reading and interpreting the comprehensive genomic profiling reports that a TRACK patient receives. The group reviews each patient’s case for an in-depth discussion of their medical history and individual molecular profile in order to offer recommendations for on-label, off-label, or clinical trial treatments for these extremely difficult to treat cancers.

Having access to the VMTB virtually gives patients anywhere in the country the ability to have this high caliber of physicians and experts in rare tumors review their case, which is especially important for patients who are being treated in the community and not at academic medical centers. This innovative feature of the TRACK Study has been especially impactful during the COVID-19 pandemic, but is a critical component of the study’s design for all participating patients.

Watch a short video of TRACK Principal Investigator Dr. Roman Groisberg discuss this in more detail.