2012 Cholangiocarcinoma Think Tank

The TargetCancer Foundation Think Tank on Cholangiocarcinoma, held in Boston, MA in November 2012 was a half-day workshop designed to facilitate information sharing and collaboration on the topic of cholangiocarcinoma research and treatment.

“How can we create a group of like minded people who share resources and share ideas to tackle this very difficult problem? The passion that the foundation has is transferred to us and really motivates us to think beyond our immediate laboratories.” – Nabeel Bardeesy

This workshop brought together an outstanding and diverse roster of participants, including those who are currently researching and treating cholangiocarcinoma. Most importantly, the attendees included those working on other rare cancers. These individuals shared their experiences of successfully bringing those cancers out of “orphan” status.

This unique opportunity for informal collaboration, sharing of unpublished information, and brainstorming among colleagues from different disciplines led to experiments and projects that would not have happened otherwise. Many of these projects are funded through TargetCancer Foundation’s support to the Bardeesy Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.