Becky Sail


Becky Sail lives in Boston, MA where she works in Corporate Marketing and Communications for a healthcare company. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare (350 reported cases in the world) pelvic sarcoma when she was 22 years old. After three major surgeries failed to get rid of what she calls the beast, the doctors turned to an experimental hormonal suppressant treatment. The treatment has kept the tumor stable for about seven years now. Her cancer will be treated as a chronic disease for the rest of her life, but that doesn’t stop her from living the heck out of life and sharing her tenacity and spunk with the world.

After several years of dealing with her disease, Becky started to share her story in an effort to help future cancer patients and families down the line. Helping others became a gift. Becky served as co-chair for Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Patient and Family Advisory Council for several years, and now she advocates for young adult cancer patients through her involvement in an organization that provides outdoor adventure trips for young adult cancer survivors called First Descents. She has two nephews under the age of four that she adores, loves spending time on the Cape with her family, and continues to take on challenges that scare her thanks to First Descents.