Mary Oster


Mary Oster is a clinical research consultant whose 25 year clinical research experience includes serving as the Director of Research Operations at a major academic center (Lahey Clinic) as well as the Director of Operations for a research alliance network in Neurology (Neurocare). In addition, Ms. Oster served as the IRB Chair for the New England Independent Review Board in Needham, MA (Part of the WCG group), a position she held for ten years. Ms. Oster has worked in various therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular, in vitro diagnostics, neurology, and minimally invasive surgery. Her experience includes oversight for over one thousand phase I to Phase IV clinical trials, administrative responsibility for an IACUC, Biosafety, and Technology Transfer Committee.

Additionally, Ms. Oster has co-authored scientific publications and poster presentations. Ms. Oster has partnered with the education arm of both OHRP and FDA hosting and speaking at seminars and conferences in human subject protection for academic IRBs in New England. She has been an instructor in the conduct of clinical research and human subject protection for many research practices in the span of her research career. Ms. Oster resides in Natick, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.